The Cognitive City

The future of cities reserves a highly digital urban environment and connected with the desire of the people. The cognitive city goes beyond of simply applying technologies to make public services more efficient.

It. in fact, brings intelligence to urban services, from what the city "feels", through its cognitive sensors, and from the manifestations of its citizens.


CityTech is a technology company that emerged from a global research on the development of Smart Cities made in 2014 by its co-founder, Daniel Merege , over 8 months as part of its research work for his master's degree.

On this trip, Daniel traveled over more than 15 countries and visited 60 cities in Australia, Southeast Asia, India, Middle East and Europe. He discovered, after this experience, the power that a structured ecosystem for urban innovation has to revolutionize cities in the world, regardless of their size. He decided to bring this knowledge to Brazil.

Our mission is to bring together and to inspire entrepreneurs, local governments, business, universities and civil society to build together more intelligent and cognitive cities with cutting-edge technology and tools.

What We Do

CityTech offers products and services for the digital and cognitive transformation of cities!

Tecnologias Cognitivas


Understand citizens' new behavior in the digital age through cognitive technologies

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Consultoria Hands-on


We help cities plan and execute Smart
Cities projects and programs

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CityTech Research


Connected with the innovations of Science, we have Education and Research in the service of urban development

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Our Team

Meet who is leading technological cities' revolution in Brazil with CityTech!

Daniel Merege

Daniel Merege

Business Development (CEO)

Ricardo Guimarães

Ricardo Guimarães

Technology & Operations (CTO)

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